2016 The Vans x Sun Diego AM SLAM Skateboard Contest Series

2016 The Vans x Sun Diego AM SLAM Skateboard Contest Series

The 2016 AM SLAM Skateboard Contest Series is here! Get all the event info below. Sun Diego Am Slam Finale Flyer

Event #1: June 18th - Academy Skate Park RECAP
Event #2: July 16th - PQ Park
Event #3: August 13th - Melba Bishop RECAP
Event #4: Sept. 24th (13 Under | 14-16) Sept: 25th (17+ | Pro-AM) Belmont Park - Mission Beach TWO DAY SURF/SKATE FESTIVAL RECAP
Sun Diego Am Slam Two Day Schedule A HUGE thanks to our 2016 #AMSLAM sponsors: Vans, Pro-tec, Bones, Powell Peralta, Bones Bearings, Electric, Arcade & Stance For more info and to sign up online go to sundiego.com or call 760-734-3818 ext. 2000 All Participants Are Required To Wear A Helmet And Participants Under 18 Years Of Age Are Required To Wear Helmet And Pads*  
WHAT IS THE SUN DIEGO AM SLAM? The Am Slam is an amateur skateboarding contest series, designed to give local skateboarders an arena to compete in and an opportunity to excel. The Am Slam is a points-based series, which means skaters will work to accumulate points all summer and those with the highest points will advance to the Finals event. Although there will be some great prizes and trophies given out to top placing skaters at each stop, it is the overall winner of the series that will take home $5,000! Our last event will be our largest this year! It will be a huge, two day surf and skate festival with a huge vendor tent city, 5 grand up for grabs, & it will be double points rated!


The 4 events will take place June-September 2016 Saturday June 18th – Academy Skate Park Sunday July 16th – PQ Park Saturday August 13th –Melba Bishop Saturday/Sunday September 24th & 25th – Mission Beach Saturday: 13 and under, 14-16, divisions. Sunday: 17 over & Pro/Am  


Everyone! There are 4 separate divisions at every stop. They are: Ages 13 and under Ages 14-16 Ages 17 and older PRO/AM (All ages of Advanced Skill Level)

Anyone can enter the Pro-Am if you think you have the skills. The Pro-Am Division will award the biggest prizes! Keep in mind, your accumulated points will remain within your division, so if you decide to enter your age division AND the Pro-Am, it is perfectly legal, but your points from the 2 Divisions are not added together.

HOW DO I REGISTER? Each participant can either pre-register at sundiego.com or if there is still room left in your division on the day of the contest, you may be able to register on-site the day of. However, pre-registering on the website is your best bet for getting in the contest as there are a limited number of spots available per division.


Am divisions are $30 and $60 for the Pro-Am


IMPORTANT: You MUST check in on-site ONE HOUR prior to your Division start time. Even if you pre-registered on the Sun Diego website, you still must check in and sign a waiver on the day of the contest. EVERYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 MUST HAVE A PARENT’S SIGNATURE ON THE WAIVER. You can download and print a waiver in advance from www.sundiego.com. You still need to arrive one hour prior to your division start-time. Each division will last about an hour and a half beginning with a jam format (two 10-minute jams of 20 skaters each) and ending with 10 finalists advancing from the jams and skating in one-minute runs each. Each top 10 skater will get 2 runs.

Each contestant in each division will earn points at every contest, even if you don’t place. Your points will be totaled up from every contest you enter and the 30 skaters with the most points in their Division will be invited to skate in the AmSlam Finals. Keep in mind, you don’t necessarily have to skate in every event to be the points leader in your division. In fact, it is perfectly possible to skate in just ONE event and still make the top 30 for the finals!


The Points totals will be posted on www.sundiego.com after each event so you can always log on to see where you stand.


Hella Clips is the official media partner of the AM SLAM and will be supporting the contest series primarily through its website www.hellaclips.com Make sure to check them out for photos and a write up from every contest! All results and Point Standings will be posted on www.sundiego.com


Participants are subject to the Terms and Condition of the skate park where the contest is held.

Each participant must Check-In and sign a liability waiver the day of the contest before being allowed to skate. If you are under 18 your parent or guardian MUST BE PRESENT at the contest to sign the waiver.

In the event of bad weather or other unforeseen complications, the contest may be postponed to a later date. Please stay tuned to www.sundiego.com for the most current information.

We’re sorry, but entry fees will not be refunded or forwarded to future events. Once you have registered and paid your entry fee it is your responsibility to show up on time (at least one hour prior to your division start time).

If you have questions you may email help@sundiego.com.