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It started as five friends on a snowboard mission - inspiration and enthusiasm plus $200 apiece, equaled the start of Jetty. It was created on a shared love of surf, art, travel, skate, and music. The brand's founders wanted to draw their own line – and it’s a good thing too, because coming from New Jersey, there was certainly no line to follow.

That soon became Jetty's calling card, embracing the challenges of bipolar seasons, the fickle ocean, and learning to thrive on it; surviving in a West Coast-centric world, while embracing the brand's regional roots. Jetty set an example by searching for the balance between backyard ramp sessions, surf trips, chasing fish, seeing great bands, and scoring the next swell with work ethic and community involvement.

A decade of dedication, a few bad decisions, countless t-shirt designs, and a Superstorm later, Jetty is now the most recognizable surf and skate apparel brand on the East Coast.

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