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    The Nocs Provisions Story

    Nocs Provisions was born at the Citadel of Excitement, ten blocks up from the beach in San Francisco, with a dream of juicing every last drop of precious time outside. The brand's founders kept wishing they had a set of binoculars on outings. Finally, one day they caved and bought some. The brand's founders went on to use these binoculars every day. Whether it was checking the surf, exploring backcountry lines, or watching raccoon pals emerge at night, they started seeing the world differently - on a closer level.

    Inspired by life at the beach, Nocs is an ode to the original seafarers and coastal pioneers. Nocs Provisions is a collective of people who are stoked to seek the unseen. To travel curiously, and to discover the best spots along the way.

    The design is inspired by the seemingly symmetric yet completely unique lines of the sea and the coastal dunes where they meet. The logo is inspired by the sunset. And the packaging is plastic free.

    Why Nocs?

    Nocs Provisions claims that the brand is "here to serve the next generation of humans with the goal to disconnect from technology and look deeper in nature. With compact waterproof binoculars built to travel, we aim to make the discovery and study of our surroundings simple. Paired with a sense of wonder and curiosity, we believe this will foster understanding and compassion for our planet. Nocs are a tool to be present in the moment and to see the deep interconnectedness of all living things on this earth. It’s time that we return to nature as our source of truth."

    How are they different?

    However, the founders of Nocs Provisions couldn't find a binocular that was just right. The products out there were either bulky and expensive, or small and cheap. They imagined a perfect binocular - waterproof, compact, and styled correctly that such that friends would be stoked about it. A vision was created for a fun and new binocular brand that would be inclusive to people of all ages men/women, combining supreme quality and a touch of style for the modern day adventurer.

    According to Nocs, the brand "designed and prototyped in the Outer Sunset, we sketched, modeled and printed over twenty prototypes with a hand built 3D printer." By working with a manufacturer with over 35 years experience, Nocs Provisions leveraged the latest advances in optical coatings, prism technologies, and waterproofing methods, to create a compact binocular with some of the best optics in its class.


    Commitment to doing things right

    Nocs Provisions’ goal is to preserve the land and sea that is shared by all. A 1% For the Planet member from day one, Nocs partners with educational and environmental organizations that serve to protect natural resources and educate the next generation. By observing and discovering how intricate and delicate the planet’s ecosystem is, the more important the brand feels it is to protect natural ecosystems.

    The packaging of the product is entirely plastic free, using post consumer recycled cardboard and soy ink printing. The box can be shipped on its own, and is constructed in a way that requires no glue. The interior scaffolding, made from a single piece of cardboard, holds the product in place, stores included accessories, and protects the product from impacts.

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