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    Shop GOTCHA | Sun Diego

    Shop GOTCHA at Sun Diego


    STAB Magazine penned an article in October 2021 claiming that "If One Deceased Surfbrand Deserves Resuscitating, It’s Most Certainly GOTCHA." This 90's surf giant represented the epitome of fun surf fashion with big, bold logos plastered on mind bending patterns and colorways. At its peak, GOTCHA was one of the biggest surf companies in terms of units moved, with a pro roster to boot. Over time the brand lost steam and slowly faded with the sun setting over the ocean.

    But now, in the year of 2021, the brand is back with the same classic designs and styles that earned its reputation in the 90s. GOTCHA is back with bold offerings including hats, jackets, knits, sweatshirts, and t-shirts. Don't miss out on the return of this legendary brand.

    Shop GOTCHA now at Sun Diego.