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Founded in Southern California in 1992, Ezekiel has grown organically for over 25 years through a community of surfers, skaters, photographers, artists, musicians, friends and designers.

Ezekiel is motivated to create supreme quality and timeless products that speak to both local and global communities. The brand is underscored by the mantra: ALL WE HAVE IS NOW; a bold reminder for all to enjoy the present. It is the ideal that drives Ezekiel's small team and pushes them to create work which inspires visionaries worldwide.

This mantra is evident in Ezekiel's NOW Denim collection, presenting "The World’s Most Comfortable Denim." Ezekiel has taken the comfort of sweats and combined them with the structure, look and texture to create the NOW Denim. This hybrid denim and fleece design gives you the everyday durability and wear of denim, but the all day comfort of a sweatpant. The NOW Denim is in Ezekiel’s best selling chopper fit model, made from 98% cotton and 2% spandex.

Shop Ezekiel's NOW Denim Online at Sun Diego.