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    Over the past 25+ years, Arbor Collective has drafted up the blueprint for designing and manufacturing outdoor action sports goods with people and the planet in mind. The company was founded with a consideration for the environment across everything it produces. From design to manufacturing, Arbor considers quality and craftsmanship in all of its products, which is enhanced by authentic and unique artist collaborations. 

    The brand takes great pride in showcasing both athletes and artists who support Arbor's commitment to environmental and community causes. This mindful, more collaborative approach ensures the planet is always considered as it develops unique products for chasing "life’s great lines."

    Arbor Collective's founders found it funny in the 90s when people would refer to Arbor as "that hippy brand" — back then, this was not a compliment. Those days are over thanks to the brand's customers, who understood that protecting the planet is about looking after our shared playground: the natural environment.

    Arbor Collective's ongoing commitment to both sustainability and craftsmanship — and never-ending pursuit of the good times that happen along our way — have cemented this brand as a staple in the snowboarding, skateboarding, and outdoor communities.

    Shop Arbor Skateboards Online Now at Sun Diego.