Am Slam Linda Vista Recap

Sun Diego X Vans AM SLAM Skate Stop #3 Recap

The third stop of the 2018 Sun Diego x Vans Am Slam Skate Series is in the books. Make sure to checkout the video and pictures to see all the action.  

Pro-AM Winners

2018 Am Slam Skate Event 3 Pro-Am Winners

1st Place: Woogie Jackson 2nd Place: Angel Guetierrez 3rd Place: Bobby Lunetta 4th Place: Cordano Russell 5th Place: Connor Kepp 6th Place: Darren Feathers 7th Place: Ira Canada 8th Place: Braden Hodan 9th Place: Skyler King 10th Place: Rahn Handcox
16 and Over Winners 2018 Am Slam Skate Event 3 16 Over Winners     1st Place: Chase Barney 2nd Place: Matthew Parra 3rd Place: Evrit Lunetta 4th Place: Brennan Scott 5th Place: Ray Corey 6th Place: Justin Ladner 7th Place: Will Ocean 8th Place: Kyle Turner 9th Place: Caleb Coffey 10th Place: Tyler Gutierrez
15 and Under Winners 2018 Am Slam Skate Event 3 15 Under Winners     1st Place: Donny Brodie 2nd Place: Benji Miller 3rd Place: Jarek French 4th Place: Alex Fasheh 5th Place: Ayden Macario 6th Place: Julian Martinez 7th Place: Oliver Allen 8th Place: Cruz Medeiros
AM Slam Skate Linda Vista 2018