Sun Diego x Vans Am Slam Skate Event 4 Recap

Sun Diego x Vans Am Slam Skate Event 4 Recap

Our final skate stop of the 2016 season. See the recap >

SUN DIEGO x VANS Am Slam Season Finale

Last Saturday and Sunday (September 24th & 25th) saw riders attack the final stop of the 2016 Am Slam Skate Series presented by Sun Diego and Vans. The contest showcased a custom built course setup in the parking lot of Belmont Park in Mission. This double-rated contest offered contestants a chance at a large $2,500 first place prize as well as a $5,000 check for the overall series winner!

Playing opposite to the surf event, Saturday saw the amateur divisions hit the course running. While Sunday saw the Pro division as well as the men's division showcase their skills.  To top it all off, each division also competed in a best trick contest with each winner receiving a bag of gear including a new GoPro!

The Best Trick saw Brodie Penrod take it out for the Pro's. Ira Crane in the mens division, Juan Martinez took it for the 13 and under, and Sun Diego team rider Cordano Russell taking it for the 14-16 division!

Huge congrats to all the competitors and winners! Special mention to Brendon Villanueva who took first in the Pro division and the overall raking taking home a total of $7,500! Not to mention other Sun Diego team riders results: Alex Willms – Third place overall pro-am Austin Zito – Second place in last event pro-am Branden Reynolds – overall 17 up winner, first place last event Darren Feather – Second place overall for 17 up Cordano Russell – overall 14-16 winner, second place at last event, best-trick winner (and he’s only 12)!

Be sure to watch the recap video and check out the photos below!


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