2019 Sun Diego AM Slam Surf Event 2 recap

Sun Diego x Vans 2019 Am Slam Surf Event 2 Recap

The second event of the season was held at OB Pier and it was fire! Check out the results, pics and recap for the day!

2019 Sun Diego Am Slam Surf Series Event 2

Sun Diego AM Slam Surf Series Presented by Vans Event #2 Ocean Beach

After the success of our first event of the season in San Clemente we weren’t sure how our encore event would go. With the level of surfing so high and the amount of competitors so vast we weren’t sure how it could get any better! Well it did! Ocean Beach delivered the goods all day: surf, sun and blazing performances!

Our first final of the day witnessed the Womens Longboarders turn OBs fun walls into art canvases as they traversed the crumbly sections with grace and flow. Ella Campagna took the W with a couple of solid waves to win by a comfortable margin.

Next was the 14 and under Final and the action got hot and heavy!! Kai Williams used a left hander that he utterly destroyed with mean rail gouges and lip gaffs to garner a 9.5. Tyrone Fomenko came roaring back with a couple of 7’s himself to take the lead back from Kai. Then Kai got a solid backup of 7.93 and pulled away in the waning minutes of the final.

The Mens Longboard Final was a seesaw battle with two surfers pulling away from the pack. Nick Isabella and Nathan Strom put on a display in two very different ways. Nick being aggressive and powerful and Nathan flowing with water. Nick started off hot with two really good waves but Nate’s smooth style and beautiful cross stepping and nose riding gave him the victory in the end, holding it down for the local OB Crowd!

The 15 and over division is full of an array of surfers 38 and younger and the finals featured surfers of all age ranges. Theo Fresia was truly the class of the division. His board and him were one all day as the young Brazilian showed power and pop throughout all of his turns to set himself apart from the rest. Theo took the win with relative ease and showed that the Brazilian storm is still alive and well.

San Clemente’s Sierra Downer, dominated the Womens Shortboard Division the final from start to finish using her strong backhand attack to get in the lip multiple times to garner excellent scores and secure the victory.

For the second event in a row the Pro/ Am Final was the toast of the event. All six surfers in final put on a helluva show. Tales Aroujo, 2018 overall champ, finally got his first Am Slam victory! The young goofy foot used his blazing speed and agility to throw down airs and big hammers to secure the victory and a strong ratings lead heading into the back half of the summer series along with $800 cash! David DoCarmo came in a strong second posting a nine on a left hander where the goofy foot laid into three searing turns of variety giving him the huge number and a loud applause from the crowd! All the pro finalists were well deserved and a pleasure to watch surf. We can’t wait for event #3!!!!!!

What a way to finish the fourth of July weekend!!! Thanks to all the people who came out and cheered on all the surfers. Thanks to all of our sponsors as well! Sun Diego Boardshops, Vans, Bones Love Milk, Nixon, Spy, Creatures of Leisure, Speaqua, FCS and Wienerschnitzel. These events could not be done without their support as well as the amazing families that make the Am Slam what it is, a really fun beach event! Sign-ups are now open for our Pacific Beach event August 17th at PB Drive. See you then.

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Mens Pro/ Am:

  1. Tales Araujo
  2. David Di Carmo
  3. Lucas Pazolini
  4. Elijah Fox
  5. JD Lewis
  6. Theo Fresia


  1. Theo Fresia
  2. Caleb Crozier
  3. Rey Hernandez
  4. Davi Toledo
  5. Gustavo Aroujo
  6. Jackson Butler


  1. Kai Williams
  2. Tyrone Fomenko
  3. Kyan Yang
  4. Hendrick Osterkamp
  5. Ben Brantell
  6. Keegan Rooney

 Mens Longboard:

  1. Nathan Strom
  2. Nick Isabella
  3. Josh Villa
  4. Noah Brown
  5. Jack Vanwagoner
  6. Justin Sampas

Womens Shortboard:

  1. Sierra Downer
  2. Brooke Daigneault
  3. Molly Tuschen
  4. Ella Campagna
  5. Serena Prince
  6. Abby Dixon

Womens Longboard:

  1. Ellah Campagna
  2. Molly Tuschen
  3. Olivia Censoplano
  4. Makiya Farner
  5. Evin Rose
  6. Grace Payne