Sun Diego x O'NEILL 2016 Am Slam Surf Event 4

Sun Diego x O'NEILL 2016 Am Slam Surf Event 4

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SUN DIEGO x O'NEILL Am Slam Season Finale

Last Saturday and Sunday (September 24th & 25th) marked the final stop of the 2016 Am Slam Surf Series presented by Sun Diego and O'neill. The contest went down right outside Belmont Park in beautiful Mission Beach and was accompanied by solid chest to head high surf! With the last contest being double-points rated, and the current ratings leader stuck in Portugal, it was anybody's title to take.

Kevin Shulz (San Clemente) started his finals campaign with a running left that gave him a nice finishing section that allowed him to boost and Lock in early 7.5. Fellow finalist, and overall Champ, Corry Arrambide followed up with a great left of his own and destroyed with multiple lip stabs. The two Brazilians in the final, Maxsswell Rebeiro and Icaro Rodriguez were a bit unlucky with the waves and were left scrambling as the two Californians got off to quick starts. The final continued to look like a two horse race with Kevin and Cory going back and forth. Toward the end, however, Shulz used the only barrel of the afternoon to seal the deal and take the win.  Arrambide came in second and with that earned himself the Overall Season Championship and the $5,000 payday!

Sunday morning brought offshore conditions and cleaner conditions  for the Groms at the AM SLAM surf Series Finale. The Surf may have dropped a couple of feet but the action stayed hot all day!

In the Juniors final Liam Murray and Jacob Kelly were throwing big turns in the fun conditons and dropping hammers for big numbers!  But in the end Liam got the nod and the first place finish!

The ladies were up next and it did not take long for two of the competitors to stand out above the rest! Tiare Thompson and Samantha Sibley are friends on land but in the water it was a different story. Spectators could tell they really wanted to beat each other for the win. Tiare, however, would show everyone just how lethal her backhand was and she left no question who the champ was!

In the boys division Mick Davey surfed the best of his division like he had done all summer. He dominated the boys final en route to the overall season championship. He finished the series 1400 points clear of second place in the standings. Expect big things from this grom!

Last up for the year was the mens final. There were Two surfers who were within 200 points of each other for the overall season championship. Pedro Todaro and Jay Christenson were neck and neck heading into the final. Whoever beat who would win the series champion distinction. Pedro wasted no time dropping big scores and putting Jay behind the 8 ball. Jay needed something big and he knew it. Unfortunately he couldn’t pull that one big move that would get him back in the heat and settled for 6th place in the final. Relinquishing his overall men’s title from a year ago to the Brazilian vet.

Congrats to all of our champions for the 2016 edition of the Sun Diego AM SLAM Surf Series Presented by Oneill.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for the season!!!! Oneill, Nixon, Spy Optics, Creatures of Leisure, Toyota of Carlsbad, Captain Fin, Reef, Avassin Surfboards, Surface Sun Care,  New Era, and


Pros. 1. Kevin Shulz 2. Cory Arrambide 3. Maxsswell Rebeiro 4. Icaro Rodriguez.


Juniors 1. Liam Murray 2. Jacob Kelly 3. Caleb Crozier 4. Tanner Ford 5. Trevor Sutton 6. Steve Muschett


Boys: 1, Mick Davey 2. Brayden Burch 3. Sebastian Ojeda 4. Flynn Dartland 5. Silas Patracelli 6. Kale Cadam


Womens: 1. Tiare Thompson 2. Samantha Sibley 3. Lucy Jarrard 4, Olivia Pessanha 5. Sidney Tisdel 6. Jordyn Kelly


Mens: 1. Pedro Todaro 2. Jake Szekely 3. Namor Cayres 4. Maxsswell Rebeiro 5. Luan Wood 6. Jay Christenson

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