Sun Diego Major Leaguers

Sun Diego Major Leaguers

Padres hard up for 2017 hold tryouts for 2 Sun Diego executives >

Padres Tryouts Hit Bottom of the Bucket

Due to a long list of injuries and players simply being marked as "unavailable", the San Diego Padres extended their tryouts to whoever showed up Tuesday night.  Enter Sun Diego's VP of Marketing/Operations-Pete Censoplano. Pete brings an amazing small strike-zone game, a big truck and an even bigger desire to re-live his high school glory days. Pete kept his dreams close as he took to the mound Tuesday night, channeled his inner 12th grader, and swung for the fences.


Enter the other half of the Sun Diego coin, VP of Store Operations- Jason Hayworth. Jason enjoys the game of baseball simply because he, "likes to imagine baseballs as cute miniature volleyballs that go really really far."  Below is a photo of Jason about to connect a sweet little volley.


Results from Tuesday nights tryout are not in yet, but you can bet these two will be losing quite a bit of sleep as they wait for their call up to the big leagues.