Stance Girls Night In

Stance Girls Night In

  Stance invited our top saleswoman selling Stance product to their headquarters! Stance has turned one of the most boring accessories into the most exciting in a few years. Stance owners, looking at the bigger picture and saw that this accessory has been taken for granted. Stance has ignited their creativity with self-expression, that has drawn athletes , performers and more.


On October 13, 2016. Stance invited the top saleswomen in Southern California to their headquarters to celebrate their hard work in selling their product.


The Stance girls has introduced these lovely ladies with new styles, new product releasing for the upcoming Holidays.


The girls participated in fun activities during the night. Including mini photoshoots with polaroids, modeling day and night outfits and choosing the best polaroid photo. Hashtag Instagram contests, and learning about the upcoming Stance Women's line.


Huge thank you to Stance for having Sun Diego Girls at their headquarters and celebrating their hard work!