Stance Socks Basketball Group

Stance Employee Night

Stance invited Sun Diego to their headquarters to show us what makes their products and brand come to life. Stance socks were the breakout company of 2009, galvanizing the action sports sock market by delivering a product and style that remain undeniable. In the true nature of their headquarters construction philosophy of 1/3 work, 2/3 play, the Stance offices house a veritable playground for their employees and guests. Skate bowl, full NBA caliber basketball court, gym training facility, golf simulator and a continuing list all help reinforce Stance's brand DNA. These facilities are wrapped in a space plastered in unique art, motorcycles and palm trees. Stance's exterior is surrounded by bike trails and is not far from iconic surf spots, where the socks finally come off. With a focus on where Stance product is being put to the test, it's no question why they have risen to the top of their category. Stance was kind enough to invite our employees to learn and play at their dreamland headquarters. An education in all things from beginning to future took off, with Stance President John Wilson at the helm. The secret is out! It should come as no surprise that Stance's offices are highly creative and unique. IMG_9150 Stance employees and JM Sales and Service staff, facilitating the facts and fun. IMG_9162 Next, tacos. IMG_9168 Then it's time to hit the court to hash out some friendly store rivalries. IMG_9188 IMG_9198 Squeeze into the courtside photo booth. IMG_9212 IMG_9216 The staff was split by the opportunity to skate the Stance bowl. Team rider and Carlsbad store employee Darren Feather get's things going vertical. IMG_9228 IMG_9239 Sun Diego Skate Team Manager Cory Cox gets disastrous in the pool corner. IMG_9241 Some fearless lady-rippers were present as well. IMG_9243 Carlsbad Twin Inns's Phillip Castellanos eyeing out the bowl scene before unleashing on the dodgeball court. IMG_9254 But, not before Cory got experimental. IMG_9278 Stores were pitted against one another for prizes and the pride of being the ultimate Sun Diego x Stance Dodgeball Champion. Carnage ensued as employees banded together for victory and team building. IMG_9286 IMG_9308 JMS moderator Jordan Mead kept everything kosher. IMG_9346 When you're out, you're out. The finger decides. IMG_9390 JMS's Mike Loughlin, on duty as well, keeping things clean. IMG_9387 El Cajon's Jaz Diaz intimidated everyone on the court with her cannon. Even the camera lens was too frightened to focus on her! IMG_9347 IMG_9382 Store rivalries and ball hurling continued. IMG_9367 Stance's men's merchandiser Ryan Quinn got in on the action with Solana Beach's A Cowell and Danny Bernard. IMG_9376 Even the warehouse turned up! David Evans shows courtside support. IMG_9398 JMS's Connor Carpenter, taking some names on the court. IMG_9408 The Girls of Sun Diego game took off next. Grand prize, pair #222 of the limited edition Rihanna Stance socks. IMG_9430 Sun Diego's gentlemen took to the sidelines. IMG_9340 IMG_9424 Competition was fierce. IMG_9434 Kelley Perry sends a blue one flying. IMG_9467 IMG_9480 Ultimately, Jaz took the title and the prize. IMG_9539 IMG_9528 IMG_9534 IMG_9538 The explosive final match placed the Warehouse against Carlsbad Twin Inns. IMG_9611 IMG_9635 IMG_9646 IMG_9619 Lone Warehouse'er Daniel Olmos held down the floor, until an eventual catch defeat by Carlsbad for the win. IMG_9652 IMG_9656 IMG_9659 More mingling and last passes at the bowl. IMG_9668 IMG_9687 IMG_9689 Darren and Cory make their marks backside and frontside. IMG_9705 IMG_9707 Everyone had a blast! IMG_9672 Tre on the way out from team rider Tyriece Bovain. IMG_9694 IMG_9721 Two for the road and we're burning outta' here. P1020227 P1020226 A huge thanks to Stance Socks (and more to come) for the invitation. Another great thanks to Jordan Mead, Connor Carpenter and Mike Loughlin for delivering everyone safely and making this night happen. Check out everything Stance at Sun Diego and follow on social media @Stance. For those in attendance: Full photo gallery coming soon!