Shop Spotlight: San Clemente Surf Shop

Shop Spotlight: San Clemente Surf Shop

This week we're spotlighting our newest surf shop, Sun Diego San Clemente! Read more about it and check it out for yourself. Sun Diego Surf Shop San Clemente

It's been eight months since the opening of Sun Diego's San Clemente store, and things have never been better! Nestled in the center of the surf and skate rich arena of San Clemente, Sun Diego's Boardshop has been a perfect fit.  As we spotlight the shop, we'll show you some of our new sections and products we've put in since our grand opening last Fall.

Sun Diego Surf Shop San Clemente Dogs Welcome

Nothing goes better in a outdoor mall than a good old fashioned dog bowl. We love dogs and make sure they feel comfortable during these hot summer months.

Sun Diego Surf Shop San Clemente Sunglasses

First thing past the doors are our wide selection of sunglasses to keep your eyes safe and classy during your morning surf checks. We make sure to carry all your favorite brands, like Otis, Spy, Electric, and more.

Sun Diego Surf Shop San Clemente Bikinis

You can't really talk summer and surf without including the proper attire for you beachy activities. Our swim wall has amazing styles to choose from to make sure you turn heads this summer.

Sun Diego Surf Shop San Clemente Quiksilver

From tanks, to trunks, to shorts and tees, our Quiksilver section has got you covered from the turf to the surf.

Sun Diego Surf Shop Sandals

Did we mention it's summer??? Don't forget the sand gets hot! Luckily we have an extensive sandal section. Sit back, and take it all in, watch a surf flick while you find that perfect sandal that will get you across the dreaded asphalt parking lot and through the blistering sand.

Sun Diego Surf Shop San Clemente Skate Section

And don't forget we are a surf, skate, and lifestyle shop. That means we have you covered on all your skate needs.

Sun Diego San Clemente Surfboards

And you can't really be a surf shop without a few surfboards laying around the shop. Here we have a well rounded collection from industry standard brands like Lost, to smaller brands like Brink and Canvas with their mid-lengths and asymmetrical boards.

Sun Diego Surf Shop San Clemente

There is a lot more to see out our San Clemente shop! Be sure to stop by and check things out for yourself, meet the staff, and make sure your set for summer!

Our Sun Diego San Clemente Surf Shop is located at: 101 W. Avenida Vista Hermosa Suite 562 San Clemente, CA 92673