Nike SB Chronicles 3 Premier

Nike SB : Chronicles 3 Premeire

The world premiere of Nike's latest and final chapter of the SB Chronicles trilogy went down last night in Hollywood's legendary Ricardo Montalban Theater.

Nike SB Chronicles 3 Premier Skateboarding LA

Cory Kennedy, Omar Salazar, Blake Carpenter, Brian Anderson, Eric Koston, Lance Mountain, Kevin Bradley, Karsten Kleppan and Trevor Colden stitched together the lineup for one skateboarding’s most anticipated videos of the year. With filmer Jason Hernandez at the helm of a project featuring the biggest talents in skateboarding, the curtains to the series were sure to be enormous.

Nike’s role in the skateboarding is often debated, but it’s without argument that they back some of the most talented and respected people to set foot on a skateboard. Along with their roster, Nike has built incredible skateparks, all free of charge and open to the public. Last night’s premiere was no exception, with the theater boasting a full skatepark on its roof for Nike SB App users.

Nike SB Chronicles 3 Premier Rooftop Skatepark

Before the feature rolled, Nike SB App users were served another perk as their uploaded tricks were played on the big screen, alongside matching clips from previous Chronicles parts. Cory Kennedy got on stage to host an on-the-spot demo to complete the display.

After a thoughtful tribute to Lewis Marnell, Chronicles 3 unfolded in all the glory you’d expect from its cast of legends and rising stars. Incredible tech met unbelievable spots, curved handrails, slappies, bigfoot, body varials, sleeveless flannels, Lil' Wayne, backyard pools, Marvin Gaye, drum circles, wallrides and NBDs galore.

Watch Nike SB Chronicles 3 until December 6th using the link, for free.

Nike SB Chronicles 3 Premier LA

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