Sun Diego Am Slam Surfing Contest Mission Beach Pro Am Winner Celebration

O'Neill x Sun Diego AM SLAM Surf Event 2 Recap

The O'Neill x Sun Diego AM SLAM Surf contest took off this past Saturday at San Fernando Place in Mission Beach.
Video / Edit: Toby Ogden
Stop #2 of 4 the part Sun Diego Am Slam Surf Series presented by Oneill made its way down the coast to Mission Beach on Saturday. Competitors and spectators alike were greeted with weather in the 80's and an unexpected 1-3 ft. windswell in the water. Although, the forecast looked bleak, competitors were just stoked to have something to surf on! By the time of the finals the waves had actually improved quite bit, with shoulder high waves making their way into Mission Beach. Overall, the performance levels were high all day. There were a few surfers that were head and shoulders above the rest! Levi Slawson made the Men's and Boy's final and was ripping everything that came his way. Roberto Rodrigues was throwing his small frame everywhere and coming down with the maneuvers of the event more often than not. Also, Jack Boyes from Huntington Beach surfed very strong all day, despite the meager surf and earned himself $800. Pro division winner Krystian Kymerson was the last alternate into the event. He took his shot and was the stand-out of the day, winning every heat he surfed except one. Consistently going vert on his backhand and blowing fins on his forehand, the Brazilian worked hard and deserved all $1600 of his first place check. Other Standouts include Sun Diego team riders Brock Crouch and Caleb Crozier who won the Men’s and Boy’s divisions as well as Sydney Tisdel who was the women’s division winner! Stop #3 will be August 22nd @PB Drive in Pacific Beach, join us for another awesome day full of fun, games, prizes and great surfing!  Sign up today @   Sun Diego Am Slam Surfing Mission Beach Ricky Whitlock Conditions were not exactly ideal, with waves cresting two to three feet, but everyone from the local groms to the Pro / Am division made the best of things and still delivered some quality surfing. P1020267 Sun Diego Surf team rider Zach McCormic. 20150725-DSC04249   Everyone in the water brought an impressive showing of skill to the humble waves. Sun Diego Am Slam Surfing Mission Beach Sun Diego Am Slam Surfing Mission Beach P1020276 Sun Diego Am Slam Surfing Mission Beach Surf Blue Sun Diego Am Slam Surfing Mission Beach Surf Yellow P1020282 Sun Diego Am Slam Surfing Mission Beach Surf White Sun Diego Am Slam Surfing Mission Beach Surf Blue 2
Surf photos provided by Toby Ogden.
P1020288 Boys 13-under. P1020318 Juniors 14-16. P1020330 Men's 17+ Sun Diego Am Slam Surf Mission Beach Mens Podium Women's Division P1020336 Women's Division winner Sydney Tisdel. Congratulations! Sun Diego Am Slam Surfing Contest Mission Beach Womens Winner Sydney Tisdel P1020356 Pro Am finalists. P1020341 Men's Division winner Krystian Kymerson. Congratulations! Barbecue! Barbecue! Barbecue! The winner rides the shoulders of his friends into the sunset. See you next time! P1020370 Be sure to come out to PB Drive for Event 3 of the Am Slam Surf Contest series, August 22nd. Register early to reserve your spot!
Pro / Am
  1. Krystian Kymerson $1600
  2. Jack Boyes   $800
  3. Roberto Rodrigues $400
  4. Willy Santos $200
  1. Sidney Tisdell
  2. Coral McDuffee
  3. Maya Saulino
  4. Joceline Marchand
  5. Ashley Deemer
  6. Laura Jezik
Mens (17+)
  1. Jacob Szekely
  2. Tarcisio Lopes
  3. Levi Slawson
  4. Jonah Pierce
  5. Brock Crouch
  6. Paul Pugliesi
Juniors (14-16)
  1. Brock Crouch
  2. Ryan Martin
  3. Zach McCormick
  4. Micah Crozier
  5. Braeden Steele
  6. Sean Carlin
Boys (13-under)
  1. Caleb Crozier
  2. Levi Slawson
  3. Luca Aza
  4. Jacob Kelly
  5. Sebastian Ojeda
  6. William "Tex" Mitchell