Am Slam Surf Event 1 Recap

Am Slam Surf Event 1 Recap

We had our first stop in the Sun Diego Am Slam Surf Series presented by O’Neill! The season kicked off last Saturday June 11th in Pacific Beach. Check out the full story >>

The Sun Diego Am Slam Surf Series presented by O’Neill kicked off Saturday June 11th for it’s third season of Pros and Ams alike tearing up Pacific Beach Drive. Small surf and a blustery southern eddy made the morning surfs a struggle to say the least. It’s these conditions that separate the men from the boys . The level of surfing continued to rise with the late morning tide and the pros got to open up with the improving conditions. Many notable performances went down on Saturday especially from the plethora of South American surfers.


Brazilian phenom Victor Bernardo was the popular pick early to take the title as he consistently put his competitors in combo situations. Also, Froncisco “Lolo” Bellorin from Venezuela was looking extremely smooth and powerful throughout the entirety of the event. The field was so stacked many people were calling the quarterfinals final #1 final #2 and so on.


In the end Gabriel Andre come out on top. He consistently gained momentum throughout the day and put his most complete heat together when it counted most. His style and power were very reminiscent of fellow countrymen Gabriel Medina. He has a bright future ahead of him.

Saturdays pro division was highlighted by the camaraderie and support the South Americans had for one another. It was really cool to see them root each other on and stay after some had lost to help their friends to victory. Although you hear about it from the guys on the championship tour it is really cool to see in person!


Sunday’s conditions vastly improved with sunny weather, light wind, and a brand spanking new south swell. The Groms were all over it has there were 4 hotly contested divisions up for grabs. Many of the pros from the day before stayed for Sundays action and competed in the Men’s division. Gabriel Andre, again, was the class of the division taking another win for a productive weekend to say the least.

Brazilian grom Diego Agiar surfed head and shoulders above his competition. The young man from Brazil surfed like someone twice as old as him. It was a pleasure to watch. Lucas Vicente nailed his final as well every heat leading up to it. Little Luke was on a whole other level .


The women’s final was very entertaining with a whole new crop of Cali’s finest showing off their talent in the fun surf. Olivia Pessanha and Brooke Young went neck to the final buzzer. When the dust cleared Olivia walked away with the win!

The Sun Diego Am Slam Surf Series will continue July 30 th and 31 st in Ocean Beach, CA. Expect the Groms and Pros to be blowing up while competing for the overall points championship.

IMG_8671 Marshall, again, throwing buckets!!!!!!
IMG_8590 Coming up from Peru, semi finalist Roberto Rodriguez used his small frame to fit in some great turns
IMG_9852 ONeill team rider Jacob Kelly was on fire Sunday lighting up the fun waves and the judges scorecards!
IMG_9832 Home grown talent Jay Christenson applying pressure on the inside section
IMG_9762 Now that is a lofty frontside rotator courtesy of Tarcisio Lopez
IMG_8555 Derek Peters was looking very solid all day. His style has matured greatly in the last year as he has been working hard to qualify for the CT
IMG_8464 Reef rep, and all around great person, Gabe Garcia looked light on his feet and extremely sharp in the grindy conditions
IMG_8342 Fresh off his QS victory in Canada (in similar conditions) Kevin Schulz surfed amazing but he too came up short in the semi's
IMG_8302 Jake Marshall showing everyone what time it is. 12 oclock!
IMG_8271 Cory Arrambide used his backhand stabs as lethal weapons on the way to third place
IMG_8049 Carlsbad local Jordy Collins looked lightning fast on his forehand but came up just short in the semi's
IMG_8809 Another South American, Bryan Franco, lit it up on an old board. Showing everybody you don't need perfect equipment if you have desire.
IMG_9441 Am Slam event #1 winner Gabriel Andre getting loose on the little lefts. His backside snaps were the talk of the comp. With a very similar style many people were saying he looked like a recent world champ from his home country.