AM SLAM Skateboard Contest Series 2013 RECAP

A full recap of the entire event, photos, videos, and our winners of the overall series! 
AM SLAM is an amateur skateboarding contest series, designed to give local skaters an arena to compete in and an opportunity to excel. This contest is a point-based series, which means skaters worked to accumulate points all Summer and those with the highest will be advanced to the Finals event in October.This year we stopped at 4 different skateparks throughout San Diego to host this all-day skate event with competitors, spectators, and our sponsors. Each event had tons of freebies and giveaways from your favorite brands, an amazing taco lunch from Senor Grubby's, and some epic skating. Skaters we're divided up into four different divisions: 13 & under, 14-16, 17 & up, and the Pro-Am. Each competitor hustled through their Jam session and did their best to stand out to the Judges. Few we're selected to continue to the finals we're each competitor showed off their skills in two one minute runs. In the end, 3 winners we're chosen and hooked up with tons of prizes, trophies, and cash. Check out our coverage below of each event!  The competition throughout the entire series was extremely close. It came down to the last event to determine the actual overall winners of the AM SLAM series. In the 13 and under division, Cam Sedlick took first in the last event which brought him to the top in overall points by only 100 points over Zach "The Troll" Taverrite! Gage Boyle took the 14-16 division by storm this year by placing first at TWO events, making him #1 in 14-16 for this year's AM SLAM. Darius Jackson scored a well deserved first place in 17 and up this year by being the only skater to place in the top 10 at all four events! The top 3 winners for the Pro-Am division are so close it hurts. Mr. Consistency Chris Mendes placed in the top 10 at all four events, making him at #1 in the Pro-Am this year! Chase Webb took first place in the first two Am Slam stops in the Pro-Am division but came in a close second only 100 points behind Mendes. Brendon Villanueva won first place at the last stop of the series which bumped him up to third overall, only 100 points behind second place.Close call for sure but congrats to all our winners! To see where you placed this series, check our Point Standings page.  We'd like to thank everyone who came out and participated in the events this year and say thanks to all of our sponsors who help make the Am Slam Series possible!

 Event # 1 @ Belmont Park in Mission Beach