Am Slam Skate Event 1 Recap

Am Slam Skate Event 1 Recap

Check out the recap from our first stop of the 2016 Am Slam Skate Series!

The first stop of the Vans x Sun Diego Am Slam Skate Series went down on Saturday at the new Academy Skate Park in Vista. Skaters were glad to be indoors with the blazing heat outside. Check out the recap video and photos. Big congrats to all the finalists! Don't forget to register for the next 3 events at

Pro Am

1. Tanner Lawler 2. Brendon Villanueva 3. Austin Lenahan

17 and over

1. Ricky Chavez 2. Alex Willms 3. Woogie Jackson


1. Cam Sedlick 2. Logan Cogswell 3. Cordano Russell

13 and under

1. Ben Reuf 2. Patrick Cannon 3. Kyan Yang

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