AM SLAM Event #1 at Belmont Park

We kicked off the AM SLAM season with our first and biggest event at Belmont Park in Mission Beach. Locals, amateurs, and pro skaters came out to compete in all different age divisions while spectators watched and scored tons of free stuff from all our favorite skate brands. Over 75 skaters competed in the Pro-Am division which was insane to watch! It was tough to choose one single winner, but Chase Webb ended up taking home the $6,500 check leaving Jack Olson in second and Chris Mendes in third. Thanks to everyone who came out and made our first event a success! Photos by Joe Picciolo, Erin Zwinger, Jason Bang, and Dana Grindley. Video by Jeff Zimmerman. See the rest of the photos on the Sun Diego Boardshops Facebook page.
13 n under_n 13 and under divison winners.
17 n up 17 & Up divison winners.
pro am 1 Pro-Am winners.


13 and UNDER 1. Gilbert Estrada 2. Cam Sedlick 3. Evon Martinez

14-16 1. Brandon Bishop 2. Noe Solis 3. Gage Boyle

14-16 1. Brandon Bishop 2. Noe Solis 3. Gage Boyle

17+ 1. Jordan Mourning 2. Darius Jackson 3. Julio Muvillo

PRO-AM 1. Chase Webb 2. Jack Olson 3. Chris Mendes

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