Salty Crew

Great Deals on original Salty Crew clothes such as t-shirts, shorts, hoodies and hats.

Great Deals on original Salty Crew clothes

Salty Crew’s Collection has all the necessities for when the fish are biting or the barrels are pumping. Their clothing collection is designed specifically for the thrill seekers and risk takers! At one point surfers were viewed as wild men and loners. Outcasts from society, surfers found the sea better to be better company than those that expelled them and chose to be one with the sea. Though surfing is not viewed the same as it once was, there are still those who live life by the ocean, those that choose to live the Salty life. Salty Crew clothes embodies those free spirited, water loving people through their uniquely tailored line of clothing. Salty Crew clothing is now available for men and women.

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