Vans x Sun Diego Am Slam Skate 2017 Event 1 Recap


The first stop of The Sun Diego Am Slam Skate Series was cooking up some real competition. Check out what happened here:

The Sun Diego Am Slam Skate Series by Vans was going off at Academy Skatepark this past weekend. After 10 years of doing this contest we were proud to see a few heads that have participated in just about every single series that we’ve held. Our Sun Diego team riders definitely showed some home field advantage while everyone was gunning for the first spot in each of the divisions. In the end Enzo Cautela took home the big prize after putting on a clinic with consistency and textbook style.

Pro-Am Winners: 1. Enzo Cautela (@enzo_cautela) 2. Brandon Reynolds (@branden.reynolds) 3. Austin Lenahan (@austinlenahan). 17 & Up Winners:
1. Carlos Montes 2. Eddie Sablan 3. Martin Chavez.
14-16 Winners 1. Logan Cogswell 2. Cordano Russell 3. Ben Ruef. 13 & Under Winners:
1. AJ Sayre 2. Matt Franchek 3. Donny Brodie


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