Vans x Sun Diego Am Slam Surf 2017 Event 4 Recap


See how the final contest of the Am Slam Surf series for 2017 concluded:

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The Sun Diego AM SLAM Surf Series Presented by Vans brought its brand of fun and big smiles to the shores of Mission Beach September 30th . A small miracle occurred as the waves the day before the event were all but unridable. Saturday  morning produced fun 2-3 windswell and put smiles on everyones faces that there was something fun to surf for the season finale!

Many of the Womens division finalists were pulling double duty in the Womens Longboard divisions as well. The shortboarders were longboarding and the longboarders were shortboarding. Their unique styles served the competitors well in their respective disciplines and made for entertaining finals! Tiare Thompson owned the longboard final who is a usual suspect for the finals in the womens division, as well as double finalists Molly Tuschen, Lucy Jarrard, Peyton Kemp and Sive Jarrard. Lucy Jarrard was the class of the Womens Shortboard final separating herself with superior wave selection and critical placement of her maneuvers.

On the Men’s side of the Longboarding draw, one man clearly was head and shoulders above the rest of the finalists. New comer, Joe Kisling was stylish above his age and linked together moves and cross stepping like someone who had been longboarding for 20 years. Boys division stalwart, Mick Davey, pulled a pretty solid second place in the final as well.

The Boys final was extremely entertaining with lots of waves on offer and groms thirsty to prove themselves! Winner Lucas Owston, was the class of the final! His smooth rail transitions and solid surfing were head and shoulders above the other boys contestants.

The Juniors final was all about Caleb Crozier. He had been using the rights to the north of the contest area all day to his advantage. In the Juniors final he milked that same strategy to a dominating victory with both of his scoring waves being higher than anyone elses in the heat.

The best was definitely last for the final AM Slam Surf Series Presented by Vans event of the season. The Open Mens final was a blitzkrieg of action from start to finish!!! 20 minutes was not enough for the action that went on! When the final was over the crowd just wanted more!!! Magno Pacheco and Pedro Nogeuira turned the final into a two man race as they traded the lead multiple times. Magno, however, in the end, came out the victor and walked away with $500 in his pocket! A big shout out to our overall Men’s Champ Maxxswell Rebeiro! He had a great season and won the $500 check for the overall titile!

The Sun Diego AM SLAM Surf Series Presented by Vans would like to thank all the competitors and their families for participating this year!!!! We look forward to bringing you an amazing 5th year of AM SLAM entertainment!!!!


  1. Magno Pacheco
  2. Pedro Noguiera
  3. Dennis Rizzo
  4. Jonah Carter
  5. Caleb Crozier
  6. Maxsswell Rebeiro

Womens Longboard                                                                 

  1. Tiare Thompson
  2. SIve Jarrard
  3. Lucy Jarrard
  4. Peyton Kemp
  5. Mikiya Farner
  6. Molly Tuschen


  1. Lucy Jarrard
  2. Tiare Thompson
  3. Molly Tuschen
  4. Sidney Tisdel
  5. Peyton Kemp
  6. Jaden Perez

Mens Longboard

  1. Joe Kisling
  2. Mick Davey
  3. Noah Brown
  4. Connor Cochran
  5. Michael Padilla
  6. Alex Cockrell


  1. Lucas Owston
  2. Kale Cadam
  3. Arata Tomatsuri
  4. Raphael Castro
  5. Luke Butterfield
  6. Ben Brantell


  1. Caleb Crozier
  2. Luan Piazera
  3. Jake Vandenburg
  4. Samuel Hixon
  5. Gavin Frank
  6. Kaylib Yang

Overall Champions

Mens: Maxxswell Rebeiro
Juniors: Caleb Crozier
Boys: Tyrone Fomenko
Womens: Lucy Jarrard
Womens Longboard: Lucy Jarrard
Mens Longboard: Noah Brown

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