Vans x Sun Diego Am Slam Surf 2017 Event 3 Recap


Get the full scoop on Event 3 of Am Slam Surf 2017 below.

The Sun Diego AM SLAM Surf Series Presented by Vans brought its brand of fun and big smiles to the shores of Ocean Beach Saturday August 9th. Extremely rippable 2-4 ft. surf greeted competitors as well as some chillier than normal late summer weather, but that did nothing to stop the international field from putting on an amazing show!!!!

Many of the Womens division finalists were pulling double duty in the Womens Longboard divisions as well. The shortboarders were longboarding and the longboarders were shortboarding. Their unique styles served the competitors well in their respective disciplines and made for entertaining finals! Tiare Thompson owned the longboard final who is a usual suspect for the finals in the womens division, as well as double finalists Molly Tuschen, Lucy Jarrard, Peyton Kemp and Noelle Walker. Alexxa Elseewi was the class of the Womens Shortboard final separating herself with superior wave selection and critical placement of her maneuvers.

On the Men’s side of the Longboarding draw, one man clearly was head and shoulders above the rest of the finalists. Zack Flores, teenage shaper, Sun Diego team rider, and all around cool cat, was stylish above his age and linked together moves and cross stepping like someone who had been longboarding for 20 years. What was crazy was that it was done a board he shaped himself!

The Boys final was extremely entertaining with lots of waves on offer and groms thirsty to prove themselves! Winner Mick Davey, runner up Lucas Owston and 3rd Place finisher (and ratings points leader) Tyrone Fomenko turned the 6 man final into a three horse race. These three groms dropped big numbers and all came within one point of each for the respective places!

Unfortunately, the finalists for the Juniors Division did not have the same luck for waves in their final. The seemingly unstoppable run of waves for the day shut off for twenty minutes and turned the Juniors final into a grindy affair. One finalist, however was able to make a lot out of what little there was on offer. Jackson Butler started his scoring campaign with and 8.33 and never looked back from there. He got a sold back up and combed the field.

The best was definitely last for the 3rd installment of the AM Slam Surf Series Presented by Vans. The Open Mens final was a blitzkrieg of action from start to finish!!! 20 minutes was not enough for the action that went on! When the final was over the crowd just wanted more!!! Kaito Ohashi, who was part of a solid crew on vacation from Japan, was murdering lips and throwing down big moves! Unfortunately, the aggressive approach garnered him an interference but he still managed a 2nd place finish and $250 cash. Luel Felipe, who is the defending champ of the Ocean Beach event, swooped in and took advantage of the situation. He threw the best Air Reverse of the event when he needed it most and followed that up with a blistering left hander that he threw multiple vicious stabs at. 3rd and 4th place were just as hotly contested as Huntington Beach home boy , Jack Boyes, and Brazilian Wesley Santos both put in great performances  to grab cash in the final as well!!! It was truly an impressive display for all the surfers involved in the final!


The Sun Diego AM SLAM Surf Series Presented by Vans will have it’s final event for the year September 30th . You don’t want to miss this Surf Skate and Music Festival going down at Mission Beaches iconic Belmont Park. Go to Sundiego.com/blog to sign up today!!!




  1. Luel Felipe
  2. Kaito Ohashi
  3. Jack Boyes
  4. Wesley Santos
  5. Phillipe Chagas
  6. Yoisis Delgado

Womens Longboard                                                                 

  1. Tiare Thompson
  2. Molly Tuschen
  3. Lucy Jarrard
  4. Peyton Kemp
  5. Noelle Walker
  6. Sive Jarrard




  1. Alexxa Elseewi
  2. Lucy Jarrard
  3. Peyton Kemp
  4. Noelle Walker
  5. Mara Morales
  6. Molly Tushcen

Mens Longboard


  1. Zack Flores
  2. Flynn Darland
  3. Noah Brown
  4. Jonah Jarrard
  5. Alex Cockrell
  6. Mitch Farner



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