Vans x Sun Diego Am Slam Skate 2017 Event 4 Recap


Check out how the Am Slam Skate Series ended with a bang.

A strong showing of skill and adaptability was on stage at the final event of the Am Slam Skate series. Familiar faces and some new comers flooded the course right out of the gate. Creative met technical as each of the contestants found new angles and pockets to attack this all new custom course. In the end, skaters that stuck to perfecting their runs throughout all 4 Am Slam skate events were rewarded with their deserved victories. Can’t wait to do this all over next year!

See the final standing for the entire series HERE.

AS4_SkateIG1 AS4_SkateIG2 AS4_SkateIG3AS4_SkateIG26 AS4_SkateIG27 AS4_SkateIG29

Pro-Am Winners: 1. Cody Jacobson 2. Alex Willms  3. Branden Reynolds.

17 & Up Winners: 1. Cordano Russell  2. Joseph Campos 3. Jonathan Sieberling.

14-16 Winners: 1. Logan Cogswell  2.Cordano Russell 3. Ben Ruef.

13 & Under Winners: 1. Matt Franchek 2. Donny Brodie 3. Leo Abraham.

Overall Winners: 
Pro-Am: Alex Willms
17+: Cordano Russell
14-16: Logan Cogswell
13 & Under: Donny Brodie

AS4_SkateIG4 AS4_SkateIG5 AS4_SkateIG6 AS4_SkateIG7 AS4_SkateIG8 AS4_SkateIG9 AS4_SkateIG10 AS4_SkateIG11 AS4_SkateIG12 AS4_SkateIG13 AS4_SkateIG14 AS4_SkateIG15 AS4_SkateIG16 AS4_SkateIG17 AS4_SkateIG18 AS4_SkateIG19 AS4_SkateIG20 AS4_SkateIG21 AS4_SkateIG22 AS4_SkateIG23 AS4_SkateIG24 AS4_SkateIG25
AS4_SkateIG30 AS4_SkateIG31 AS4_SkateIG32 AS4_SkateIG33 AS4_SkateIG34

AS4_Event1 AS4_Event2 AS4_Event3 AS4_Event4

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