An Update From Team Rider Ricky Whitlock

ricky whitlock

Wondering what RW been up to this year? Check photos and a full summary of his epic surf travels here.

We all want to live that pro surfer lifestyle – chasing swell around the world, getting paid to do what you love. Not all of us are as fortunate, so we chose to live our lives¬†vicariously through blog posts, such as these. Which leads me to our team rider Ricky Whitlock’s past few months… enjoy! (insert winky face emoji)


Photo: surfline.com


JAWS photo: surfingmagazine.com

ricky whitlock

Photo: Doomas



“The year has started out well so far. January provided a lot of swell which you all know. I went to Maui twice and clocked in a lot of time out at Jaws and got some good clips and photos. I followed the big swell from Maui to Todos and also had a really good day out there despite getting ran over and my board getting cut in half. Other then that there has been fun waves up and down the coast. Had a fun trip to close out there year up to SF with Kerzy, Knox and Kenworthy. So ya, I’d day its been a good two months. I’m at home now, just waiting for the ocean to wake back up (which could be this weekend). I’m keeping an eye on a potential Jaws swell on Sunday or maybe a Scripps day on Saturday.” – Ricky Whitlock



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