Sun Diego Ambassador Emi Koch of ‘Beyond the Surface International’

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Sun Diego Surf Team Ambassador Emi Koch travels around the world, bringing surfing into conflicted areas while providing support for the youth using surfing as a tool for self-expression, freedom, and fun.

SD Ambassador Emi Koch

SD Ambassador Emi Koch

Emi’s, founder of Beyond the Surface International, mission is to ensure that nothing will hinder their talents, passions, and skills. Beyond the Surface International is a global platform for organizations and start up initiatives working with at-risk youth that utilize wave-riding and ocean adventure tools for empowerment and self-expression.

Beyond The Surface International

Their latest Beyond Workshop is focused on surfing for solutions in ending violence against women and empowering girls as self-advocates. Emi is currently in New Delhi working out of the US Embassy designing a series of women empowerment workshops through surfing and art-centered activities in a safe space where the facilitation of a dialogue on gender equity among young women university students can produce solutions towards ending violence against women and injustices that bully a global sisterhood. The workshops will be conducted by Emi and Roxy / Quiksilver ambassador, Ishita Malaviya, known as India’s first female surfer.

Roxy Team Rider Ishita Malaviya + Billabong Team Rider Emi Koch

We are proud sponsors of Emi’s journey to bring surfing into these conflicted areas of the world. We wish her and Ishita the best of luck on their new Beyond Workshop.

To see more about their organization visit www.beyondthesurfaceinternational.org.



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