Skateboarding in Switzerland

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Photographer Octave Zangs captures skateboarding in one of most amazing settings you will ever see.

“A few days a ago, I got a call from my friend Patrick Wider. He told me that he had seen a rad spot in the Aigle area (Switzerland). The spot is on a construction site and consists in about ten rusty steel half circles looking like ramps, yet thinner and about 10ft high. He was sure we could do a cool shot here.
Two days later, I grabbed my camera, flashes, radios and got on the train to meet him. When we arrived on the spot, we had only 30 min left before the sun disappeared. I wanted as much ambient light as possible but needed a relatively fast shutter speed in order to have Patrick pretty sharp, so we had to do it really quickly. It was very hard to ride because of the rust, bumps and a ramp that starts swinging as soon as you start riding it. Basically it was like riding a bowl during an earthquake. Ah, and I forget, but after you pass the coping you have… nothing but a 10ft gap!
Definitely not the usual ramp.

The misaligned ramps create infinite possibilities for shooting, but a shot where you can see everything, including the surrounding mountains, was my first priority. Another cool thing is the orange color you get from this rusty steel, always a good combination with the blue tint of the sky and the mountains in the background. That’s skateboarding in Switzerland!” -Octave

More about Octave on octavez.com

:I just placed a flash behind Patrick on the left, set back to get the whole place in the frame, and after 2 or 3 tests, I got this:”






Photos & story from dslmag.com

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