San Diego Surfer Missing on the North Shore


Carlsbad surfer Kirk Passmore fails to surface after wipeout at Outside Alligator’s in Hawaii. 


Kirk Passmore attempted to paddle out at Alligator’s around 9:30am but couldn’t make it past the 30-foot waves. So he tried getting to the lineup a second time via Waimea Bay and was successful. But, after falling on a wave, he never resurfaced. The authorities were alerted and lifeguards and fire trucks rushed to the scene. Two helicopters and a C-130 four-engine prop plane and a few boats engaged in a comprehensive search of the area. His surfboard was found near Chun’s Reef.

A couple dozen surfers were enjoying the first big north swell of the year at the Outer Reef. “Conditions were really majestic,” said first-timer Tanner Gudauskas, who was sitting near the missing surfer. “And it was huge — everything was moving really fast. It was a wild deal. The wave [Kirk] went on was a set, everyone was paddling over it and he just went, super late. It happened so quick.”

Early reports say that he fell on a bomb, broke his leash and it’s speculated that he may have ruptured his eardrum. Eardrum issues are known to disintegrate equilibrium, and Passmore was seen swimming down, not up, after the fall. As of this morning, Passmore has not been found.

Outside Alligator’s is the same spot that Todd Chesser drowned in 1997.

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