Road Trippin: The Black Lips at Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace

Sun Diego took a road trip out to Yucca Valley to a deserted cowboy town called Pioneertown, CA to see The Black Lips preform. Check the photos and video here! 

Whatever you want to call their genre of music– garage, punk rock, revival, or their own self titled “flower punk” tag — one thing stays consistent, The Black Lips kill it. The Atlanta based band is known to cause a ruckus being known as the fastest, craziest, most entertaining band around. When we heard they we’re playing a show at a small dive bar only 2 hours away from home, we couldn’t help buy our $18 tickets, pack our bags, and hit the road. We met up with our friends from Brixton at the venue to share a intimate show, a few Moscow Mules, and an all around great evening.


Sofia wearing the Brixton Heist Beanie.

The Pioneertown Motel directly behind the bar. Each room is decorated to western perfection.

A horse from the corrals surrounding the bar and motel.

A pretty sight on our way there going through Palm Desert.

Options, options, options.



Desert mornings.

Road to nowhere – aka home.




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