Brixton’s Holiday 13 Video

brixton holiday 13

No point in hyping it up. Just watch.

Brixton keeps setting the bar higher and higher with their seasonal videos promoting their skate & surf apparel and accessories. Seasonal promo videos have become a HUGE thing in our industry. Almost every company has produced a video to promote their upcoming lines so it is a rare treat to see one video that you are actually hyped on. But of course, Brixton makes it happen. Their new Holiday 2013 video has been released and we are nothing BUT hyped. Simple, well done, truly unique… no point in hyping it up. Just watch!

Keep an eye out for the Brixton Holiday 13 Collection hitting our stores and site VERY soon.

Brixton is a local company out of Oceanside, CA who originally focused on strictly hats when they started up back in 2004. Since then, they have expanded into clothing and all types of accessories with a focus on surf, skate, and most importantly, style.

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