2014 Sun Diego Am Slam Skate Event 1 Results


A full video and photo recap of the first stop of the 2014 AM SLAM Skate Series.

Our first stop of the 2014 #AMSLAM Skate Series was this last Saturday at Belmont Park in Mission Beach. Skaters from all over California, Arizona and even beyond came to compete in the division of their choice for prizes and CA$H money! This all day skate event featured booths from our awesome sponsors filled with prizes and giveaways, and some serious talent from all of our competitors!

And of course a huge congratulations to Brendon Villanueva and the rest of our winners!


2014 Sun Diego Am Slam Event 1 pro-am winners

1. Brendon Villanueva
2. Chase Webb
3. Greg Lutzka


2014 Sun Diego Am Slam Event 1 17 and over winners

1. Tanner Lawler
2. Peejay Encina
3. Kevin Viernes


2014 Sun Diego AM Slam Event 1 14-16 winners

1. Mateo Rael
2. Augie Lerma
3. Nick Lavigni

BOY’S DIVISION (13 and Under)

2014 Sun Diego Am Slam 13 and under winners

1. Jordan Lee
2. Bryson Farrill
3. Brennen Babcock.


Did you miss the event?  Watch the webcast from the live event here!

Huge thanks to all of our sponsors, competitors, and spectators who made our first event an amazing success. See you at our second stop on Sunday July 13th at Lakeside Skate Park!

Register for the rest of the Am Slam Series here!

View the complete results here: 2014 Sun Diego Am Slam Results

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